Why Study in Belarus


More than 8,000 foreign students study at universities in Belarus each year. The country, located east of Poland and west of Russia, sets a high value on university education and offers affordable tuition for international students as well as a variety of courses of study.
University education is prized in Belarus and the country enjoys a large student ratio compared to the general population. Most universities here are accredited by world associations, such as UNESCO, WHO and MCI, and many universities host guest professors frequently from the United States, from the UK and other parts of Europe.
There are 48 universities within Belarus, the majority of which are located in the capital city of Minsk or Brest, in southwest Belarus along the Polish border.



The academic calendar for universities in Belarus is divided into two sessions, called semesters. The first semester begins in early September and lasts until the third week of January. The second semester begins on February 1 and lasts until July 1. The summer holiday is for two months, July and August. The Winter holiday is one week in late January.

Tuition is not free in Belarus, but it is much more affordable than in other parts of the world. The typical annual tuition is between $2,000 and $2,500 (1600 – 1800 Euros) per student. Textbooks are included in the tuition cost and are distributed by the university libraries.

How to Apply

The admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons, permanently residing in the territory of foreign states, for obtaining higher education of the first stage is carried out in accordance with the following documents:

A foreign citizen prepares and submits the following documents necessary to get an Admission and study invitation.

The following documents are to be sent to the Admission Team by e-mail (info@studyineurasia.org) or through our website, indicating the desired major and form of education

1. A notarized copy of educational documents indicating the subjects studied and the marks (points) obtained at the exams;

2. A copy of the birth certificate;

3. A copy of a passport for travelling abroad.

4. Passport picture

5. Academic Transcript (Master’s degree students)

6. Curriculum Vitae (Master’s degree students)

Documents in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into Russian/ Belarusian.


A student visa for Belarus is an authorization to enter Belarus and start the course of study. Every country has this type of visas for foreign nationals. All foreign nationals require a student visa to enter Belarus no matter what is their nationality.

There are two ways to obtain a Belarus student visa.

1: Visa on Arrival at MINSK AIRPORT

This visa is issued at the Minsk international airport to the students who are having an official study invitation approved by the Migration department of Belarus. They present this invitation before the immigration officer and they paste the visa in the applicant’s international passport.

An OK TO BOARD letter is sent to the applicants which enables them to depart from their homeland.

Most countries nationals still have the opportunity to obtain their student visa at the Minsk international airport immigration counter upon arrival provided they have a valid official study invitation letter approved by the federal migration department of Belarus.

Most nationals are offered this type of on arrival visa due to the Non-existence of the Belarus Embassy in their country. The Visa fee is paid at the immigration counter and it’s 110$US along with the insurance fee of 170 Euro. It is very necessary that before departure all international students must scan their return air ticket to the admission team in their Email mentioned below. Info@studyineurasia.org

Once the return air ticket copy is received, the Admission staff prepare the reception documents for the immigration at Minsk international airport. In case the international student is not received by the admission staff at Minsk international airport, the Belarus immigration refuses the visa on the spot at Minsk international airport and the student is deported back to the homeland.


Algeria,Angola,Bulgaria,Bangladesh,Benin,Bermuda,Botswana,Burkina Faso,Burundi,Canada,Cameroon,Cape Verde,Chad,Comoros,Congo,Ivory Coast,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Gabon,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea,Indonesia,Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Kiribati,Lebanon,Liberia,Malawi,Mali,Mauritania,Morocco,Mozambique,Namibia,Nepal,Niger,Nigeria,Rwanda,Senegal,Somalia,Sri Lanka,Swaziland,Sierra Leon,Tanzania,Togo,Tunis,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe.

During 2021 above countries nationals may obtain their visas upon arrival at Minsk international airport provided they have with them before departure official study invitation by migration department and OK TO BOARD for departure from the country international airport.

The immigration officer check all required documents carefully and in case everything is provided for the issuance of a Belarus student visa, He/she pastes the visa in the travel passport of an international student and hand it over to the admission staff for further processing at the migration department.


There are certain countries that have Belarus Embassy in their territory that must obtain a student visa before arrival to Belarus.

They present a set of documents with an official study invitation approved by the Migration department of Belarus. Visa issuance time is normally two weeks once students submit all required documents at the Embassy of Belarus.


Please note that the applicants from the following countries must obtain visas before arrival as Belarus embassies are located in the following countries.

Turkey,Libya,Egypt,United Arab Emirates,India,Pakistan,China,Kenya,India

Iran,Iraq,Mongolia,Nigeria,Oman,South Africa,Sudan,Syria,Vietnam.

Belarus student visa is usually issued at the Minsk International Airport with the help of an official invitation letter and necessary documents but not for the above-mentioned countries nationals.

These above-mentioned countries nationals present a set of necessary documents before the immigration office and the visa is pasted in his/her passport.

Nigerian students may also obtain their Belarus student visa on arrival at Minsk international airport provided they have an official study invitation from the migration department and are OK TO BOARD for departure from Nigeria.

On Arrival Requirements for international students

1. First-year Tuition Fee

2. Medical fitness certificate(Original)

3. Valid international passport

4. Original Educational certificates

5. Birth certificate (hard copy)

6. 10 photographs 4*6 cm

7:Official study invitation (Approved by Federal Migration Department of Belarus)

8:OK TO BOARD letter (For on arrival visa applicants only)

9:COVID-19 PCR negative test is required which every foreign student must bring with him/her.

So if decided to study abroad in Belarus and have an invitation processed by us then do not please forget the information provided on this page.

Our dedicated staff is always ready to receive you at the Minsk international airport once you have informed us.